Rahim’s couplets: arrogance of the small man’s testimony

inglish transleteshan by googl tool

1.Rahim says that big man who is suffering more days, it can not hide its prosperity because people have seen a decline in tolerance when his life is his grief to the people it takes to address it. So two out of elephant teeth come because he could not tolerate their hunger.

2.Rahim says that the big man his mouth sometimes do not boast their own people while the small show of arrogance. Like the first gooseberry mustard small but appears like a small mustard jackfruit ever is missing.

In the context of the current interpretation – is said that such a wealthy person does not show arrogance as the newly rich show. It appears that they are already naturally rich in the society honours is the newly wealthy are deprived of it because his deeds to his mastery of his deeds, and to use the property as a way to Others have not.

However, the big man is considered to be the same as that which best practice in the interest of society. In addition, he helps others. The heart of the same people who respect their work comes on the money, rank and power from rich people to get respect is to mock him and he is satisfied they are in arrogance. Today, all that money and place the condition of society are sitting on top of what the people of the dwarf character. He is not eligible to sit on top of that illusory when he sits on are, they have the arrogance of his power is. The people of character and integrity of the business, is the arrogance they do not go anywhere access to their properties because they are coming because even though there is respected everywhere.

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