The diet of the poor oppressed? Comic satire

U.S. president has said that food crisis in the world for the people of India are responsible for it more accounts. His statement, it is a matter left over here and that the U.S. is now living in the Indian point of view, doubt there will see. If the flood due to famine elsewhere in the U.S. food crisis ever came to him, the Indians will be on the simple target. Although there are also the people of Pakistan and Bangladesh are now and always will be an opportunity he escaped, he also came to the Indians on the run up to people everywhere that this crisis to eat more.

it orignal hindi comic satire translet by googl tool in inglish, so any mistek writer is not resoposible-Deepak Bharatdeep

It seems that democracy is restored after the United States on meharbaan is happening now in Pakistan and their camps in any way it wants to because it is now the world’s trouble there is terrorism, not the Indians up by the food crisis due to over-eating is showing . It may be that the people of India and Pakistan come closer to the U.S. is not tolerated and indirectly from the people of Pakistan to the message being that the Indian people try to escape and account for more You will eat the grain.

America’s position now is wobbly because the Iraq and Afghanistan proved to be a big headache. India, like the U.S. is expected to be completed were not here because of the internal situation is no less challenging. mr. bush’s statement as a result of stress because they seem to have their presidential elections before it was also aware that India is not in what direction. His Foreign Minister Rice कोंडला and then she comes to India are moved. India’s diversity and the characteristics of the doubt to address them. His statement only after his statement in support of the mr. bush come.

The statement of the mr. bush We do not blame anyone involved must be viewed as a rich nation, the head. This mentality is that the rich of the poor they eat, drink and sleep like the rest is not – because they are naseeb from the things they do when the money is coming. If not my thing, you know wellknown poet Rahim, who have been saying that the rich concoction of low power. Now it is known that the whole body of the sport depends on the strength of digestion of food. If he is not and will not sleep well because of the stress will continue. American Indian spiritual people, why are so many giggles? India’s why there has been promoting yoga? For pleasure in the U.S. – facilities because of physical labor practice is becoming less. This condition is the hypocrisy and sanctimonious Baba there running his disciples by making their work is. This means that the Indians have been eating on his comments a similar result seems to stress that at this time in their minds.
There were several times in this country view that the road to get on their trucks and tralee summer afternoon in the bottom of the workers are afraid to eat the rich to take a sleep in the AC, it does not naseeb.

The rich do not get to the point that he has the pleasure of property, prosperity and reputation is that they are faced with the suffering of the poor how to live without him? So how do the rest, while they sleep for it to take pills. We ask what George Bush his country’s rich people think and what the different state now, such a statement came here to be very rich class and now here is the perception of poor eating on the convulsions. Which is good that it is now working hard to influence appetite seems to be the best man will eat and eat it too hard. Hunger and honestly feel good to income earned in each person’s fate is not.

U.S. economic course were recommended by the country goes on is still working hard on the farmers of the country’s economy alive. The industry seems to glow in the cities, is the only artificial, it is the truth, then one can see. Raj, the rich have the disease and its treatment is also money for the poor to have his body except for what it is and if she did not save where it will be. The industrial and technological development are talking about it non-technical workers and employees do not look for a place in the struggle and a man who can earn their bread if it has been run so long that not even the pain in his heart One has to be heard – it’s his sweat drops out of the country. Such convulsions are also rich in many of the poor are poor because there are more account of the Bush Sahib also say if he has no need to be more troubling.

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